A pneumonia detection device

The Problem

Penumonia is the number-one cause of death in children worldwide. The clinical gold standard for diagnosis--chest x-ray, which works by detecting inflammatory fluid in the lungs--is inaccessible to patients in low-resource settings due to prohibitive costs.

The Solution







Tabla aims to provide a rapid acoustic method of diagnosing pneumonia, expediting treatment, and saving lives. The device sends controlled audio waves through the chest to detect fluid buildup in the lungs through signal distortion that is characteristic of pneumonia.

Under Development

The device is currently in clinical trials at UCSF and has received numerous accolades including the Rudd Family Foundation Big Ideas Contest Grand Prize (2017), Fast Company Innovation by Design Award (2017), UCSF PDC Accelerator and People's Choice Awards (2017), and NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Fellowship (2018).