Neocare Peritoneal Dialysis Machine

A peritoneal dialysis machine designed for small patients utilizing small infusion volumes

The Problem

When an infant is born with or develops renal failure, the primary method for renal replacement therapy is peritoneal dialysis both in the U.S. and the world. Currently in the U.S., approximately 50 infants less than a year old are started on peritoneal dialysis per year. Almost all are started in the hospital setting and could benefit from a peritoneal dialysis designed for pediatrics utilizing small infusion volumes.

The Solution

Thorn Tech, LLC is developing a peritoneal dialysis machine for infants using the force of gravity to provide the driving force for infusion and a siphon action for drainage, mimicking the manual technique already used in pediatric intensive care units. The device will provide automated and accurate control of the volume infused using proprietary servo-controlled compression valves and state-of-the-art scales to measure influx and efflux of fluid. The target market for the device is PICUs, where currently, peritoneal dialysis is performed manually for infants.

Under Development

In November 2017, Thorn Tech was awarded a $20,000 UCSF PDC Accelerator award. Since then, the team has completed a fully functional prototype and is currently working through the software interface. They are collaborating with Paul Brakeman, MD, PhD, a pediatric nephrologist at UCSF.