Printed MRI Coil Arrays

High-sensitivity, comfortable, and flexible printed MRI coil arrays for pediatric patients

The Problem

MRI is excellent for pediatric diagnosis, offering superb contrast without risk to a population particularly susceptible to cancer from ionizing radiation. However, the use of MRI for children has remained very limited by long exam times, the need for anesthesia, and the high incidence of failed studies resulting from ill-fitted hardware, poor patient compliance, and motion artifacts. Current coils are bulky, heavy, semi-rigid, and designed to fit specific body parts, with a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Solution

Printing represents a radically innovative manufacturing technique for MRI coil arrays and offers the potential for low cost, flexible, comfortable coil arrays customized for children. InkSpace Imaging is developing a device that is a light and flexible high-density 16-channel body array for pediatric patients 3-5 years old.

Under Development

InkSpace Imaging completed initial testing at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford and received a $50,000 UCSF PDC Accelerator Award in November 2017. The team plans to design and conduct a study at UCSF in 2018.