Pediatric VentRight Monitor

Improving delivery of pediatric ventilation for critical care

The Problem

Providing high-quality ventilation to sick and injured children is essential in pediatric critical care. However, the wide variation in children's sizes and ventilation requirements make accurate manual and mechanical ventilation extremely difficult--event for providers with advanced training. One in five children arrive by ambulance to the Emergency Department receiving suboptimal ventilation, and for children in the ICU, over 75% are mismanaged when receiving mechanical ventilation.

The Solution

To improve delivery of pediatric ventilation by health providers of any skill level and in any location, Certus Critical Care, Inc. is developing the VentRight Monitor. The device couples the simplicity of the Broselow Tape with a suite of ventilation sensors and advanced ventilation monitoring algorithms to provide real-time ventilation clinical decision support in a small, portable device.

Under Development

Certus Critical Care's VentRight Monitor was the recipient of a $30,000 UCSF PDC Accelerator Award in November 2017. The start-up, founded by Austin Johnson, MD, PhD of UC Davis, continues to work on prototyping the device.