Business Development & Commercialization Network

The business planning component of the PDC includes market analysis, business planning, and commercialization strategizing. Our trusted group of advisors provides perspective on all aspects of business development, value landscaping, and commercialization strategy for pediatric device innovators. Synergistic programs, such as QB3’s Rosenman Institute, UCSF Entrepreneurship Center, and Fogarty Institute for Innovation offer ongoing educational workshops and speaker events as well.


  • John Ashley, MS - President & CEO, ReValve Med, Inc. - website
  • Dan Burnett, MD, MBA - President & CEO, TheraNova - website
  • Andrew Cleeland – CEO, Fogarty Institute for Innovation - website
  • Howard Edelman - CEO, Advanced Resin Therapeutics - website
  • Marc Galletti, MBA - Managing Director, Longitude Capital - website
  • Norm Gitis, PhD - Managing Partner, Lymo Ventures & Board Member, Life Science Angels - website
  • Russell Lindemann, MBA - President, RNL Consulting
  • Shervin Majd, PhD - Investment Partner, Life Science Angels - website
  • Allan May - Co-Founder and Chairman, Life Science Angels - website
  • Wei Tao, PhD - Co-Chair, BIO/Genomics/Diagnostics Committee, Life Science Angels - website
  • Pierre Theodore, MD - Vice President, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Associate Professor of Surgery, UCSF - website