Pending Patent Applications

The patent application link refers to devices that are currently being evaluated by USPTO and have not received a patent number or have not been rejected by the government. You access the application section in much the same way as the patent search.

  1. Go to the USPTO website.
  2. Under patents click “search”
  3. In the right hand column under “patent application” click “quick search”
  4. Enter a words in each of the “ Term 1” and “Term 2” boxes
  5. When you find the application and save it make note of the publication number which is usually an 11 digit number beginning with the year
  6. Follow the steps below to access PAIR to get additional information on the status of the patent

Once you have your publication number, access PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) at USPTO. 

  1. When you get to this page you will have to enter a specified two word login.
  2. The patent application information retrieval page will appear.
  3. Click Publication number and enter the patent publication number from your search (e.g. 20090266365…)
  4. Click the search button.
  5. This will bring up the Application Number and a summary of the application. Along the top of the box you will see the following categories:

When you click one of these files you will get a range of data and information

  1. Transaction History will provide all the filing information by the application
  2. Image File Wrapper- provides all the notices and communications from the patent office examiner to the applicant and responses from the applicant. This is a good place to see the progress and problems associated with the patent application.
  3. Published documents provide the full text of the patent
  4. The address & Attorney/ Agent provides information on the filing attorney and if the inventor has selected an agent for his/her patent