Additional Research Resources

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Another source within the federal government is the NIH Office of Rare Disease Research. If your device is for a rare disease, this site can link you to detailed descriptions, advocacy groups, clinical trials, research resources etc.

The March of Dimes

You can get statistics on many birth defects which may be applicable to device intervention from The March of Dimes.

Medical Centers

Oftentimes medical centers list incidence statistics within a particular disease description or treatment option. Some of the best examples can be found at:

Other Experts

There are often experts in the field who compile and maintain statistics of a particular disease. We have used a variety of search engines and PubMed to find their articles and data.

Device Companies

In a few instances device companies that treat the same disease list the incidence rates on their physician portals. Some of the primary companies include:

More Device Companies

You can also go to the Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network for a listing of the major device companies in the world and their areas of specialization.