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Welcome to the Pediatric Device Consortium. We are a group of physicians, engineers, scientists and others… all inventors working together to develop medical devices designed especially for children. We are based at the University of California, San Francisco and funded through the United States Food and Drug Administration's Pediatric Device Consortia Grant Program.

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Can you...

  • Solve a pediatric medical problem with a new device? 

  • Reach the right market?

  • Find the resources to get the job done?

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Pectus Excavatum
Pectus Excavatum

Your Solution

Magnetic Mini Mover
Magnetic Mini-Mover Device

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We have the resources...

  • Experimentation resources

  • Market research tools

  • Patent information

  • Regulatory information

  • Small business tools

Taking advantage of research resources

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…And the right people to help you get the job done

  • Physicians & surgeons

  • Mechanical, electrical and bioengineers

  • Patent lawyers

  • Regulatory consultants

  • Device manufacturers

D’Vice Squad members bringing their napkin drawings to life

Pediatric Device Accelerator


Win up to $50,000 and customized coaching to advance your pediatric medical device! Submit LOIs by October 13.


Visit PDCaccelerator2017.org for more info.

Happy, healthy Pectus Excavatum patient wearing Magnetic Mini Mover device

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Commercial use in U.S., Canada, Argentina, France, and Colombia
A redesigned prototype is being manufactured for preclinical testing.
IDE received. Currently in clinical trials.